Prop ideas

A good protest has good props! Here are some ideas for your own International Women’s Day of Climate Action:

Create a chain out of old plastic bags or old scraps of material which can be held in a long line by women who attend the action. Off this chain could hang a mixture of watches, weights, and words like “salinity in Bangladesh”; “drought in Madagascar”; “fires in Siberia”; and “wait of the world”.

Knit or sew a climate stripes scarf, either as an individual, or as part of a community scarf to line the pavement with, and #ShowYourStripes. See here for more information on the rationale and how to do this. See stitches for survival for more climate craftivism ideas.

Ask the women who attend your action to bring things which represent weight or waiting. This could include things like kitchen scales, clocks, egg timers, dumbbell weights, etc.

Make a banner which says “Women Carry the Wait of the World” and make it clear what this is about by writing “Climate Action Now!” below it, or #WomensClimateStrike, or #ClimateAction

If you live near the coast and want to do a coastal action, you could try the “act now or swim later!” action taken by one of our strikers last International Women’s Day: