International Women’s Day of Climate Action

This International Women’s Day 8th March 2022, we are planning a day of climate action around the world. Whether you can travel to your country’s parliament or want to protest where you live, we welcome all women to join us in raising their voice to demand climate action.

The theme is ‘The Wait of the World‘—a play-on-words around the fact that women bear the brunt of the impact of climate change while waiting for the world to act due to not having a voice at climate negotiations. Women make up 80% of climate refugees, tend to be responsible for caring for families and communities in increasingly difficult circumstances, and are more likely to face domestic violence in times of climate crisis.

In order to bring more awareness of these issues and put pressure on the people in power, we are calling for all women to take action on International Women’s Day by protesting outside their parliament, holding a demonstration in your local town, and speaking up. If you’d like to make props, have a look at our suggestions here!

See what actions are already planned on the map below or email us at to add your own.

No action is too small!