Strike up a conversation – Strike a pose – Strike from work

We call on women across the globe to set up a regular climate strike in their local area – be that a city, town, village, or neighbourhood – to demand immediate action on the climate catastrophe. No gathering is too small!

A strike does not have to be from paid work – we use the word strike very broadly, to mean ‘striking’ up a conversation, ‘striking’ a pose, ‘striking’ a tone, or striking from any kind of work (including unpaid). It can be on a Friday to link in with the school strikes or any other day that works for you.

We have found that even one or two women with placards standing in public can start important conversations outside of echo chambers and attract more women to join in and take further climate action together.

We must no longer leave it to the younger generations to hold the powerful to account. Our home is being destroyed.

Women of all ages and nationalities, we call on you: Join Women’s Climate Strike and resist the destruction of life on Earth.

Why women?

It is women overwhelmingly who are hardest hit in countries impacted by climate change— women are often most responsible for the care of families and communities, which becomes increasingly difficult as climate conditions worsen. Women become victims of violence in crises — the climate crisis is/will be no different. Women make up 80% of climate refugees. Women have least voice in high level climate negotiations.

Climate change is a feminist issue.

We also recognise that for many women being in a group that is woman-led helps us to be heard, for things to be accessible, and to run things the way that makes sense for us.

What we are calling for…

Each group will have a different focus, but we want to increase climate conversation/consciousness in local communities, link women together to increase resilience, put pressure on local MPs to vote for climate action/bring demands for climate action to government, enable women to give out helpful material to those in their communities about climate action that everybody can take, and an immediate end to the use of fossil fuels.

We will soon be linking with these good people to share no-nonsense climate actions that people can take in their every day lives.


See below for a map of regular strike/protest locations. Or see our International Women’s Day page for details of actions you can join for our day of climate action. To add a strike/protest to our map, please email: womensclimatestrike@protonmail.com